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Increasing housing supply is essential for providing affordable and accessible homes for households of all income levels, ensuring that everyone has a place to call home.

Australians deserve an affordable roof over their head.

A lack of housing supply can lead to rising rents, homelessness, and overcrowding, which negatively impacts the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

The building and construction industry in Australia is facing significant challenges, including rising costs of materials, labour shortages, and regulatory hurdles.

These challenges have resulted in delayed projects, increased construction costs, and reduced productivity, which can have a negative impact on the industry’s sustainability and the wider economy.

We need to tackle labour shortages and supply constraints to speed up the delivery of new homes, as current data shows we’re falling short of the one million home target under the Housing Accord.

Government regulations and red tape add significant time and expense to building projects, creating a major burden for the industry.

To improve housing affordability, all levels of government must work together to implement continuous land supply through land rezoning and planning, and taxes on the development and buying process should be reduced.

Will the new industrial relations changes negatively impact your ability to make a living?

Let us know by sharing your story below

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"Absolutely this would change everything for my Clients and I. Currently they CHOOSE ME based on their needs and hours, and I CHOOSE THEM based on their needs and hours, which will also suit me. I fulfil my duties with and for them in the most happy, compassionate, empathetic and professional way possible. Clients prefer familiar safe faces and proven care providers. PERIOD! Another case of the Government putting its nose where it does not belong. We are actually improving and creating a long-term and sustainable care model which in turn keeps Clients out of exorbitant facilities and institutions whilst supporting the Care Network. A WIN-WIN!"

Tracey Ritchie - NDIS - ABN Contractor (Tracey Ritchie)

"We use Independant contractors for many years and this has worked perfectly well and should not be changed ."

Mel Kroenert - Building Construction - Dovetail Constructions

"Building this business has allowed me to slowly work my way out of extreme burnout. This was predominantly as a result of being an employee where your life is not your own and your choices in life are minimal around work. This business has enabled me to rebuild my life, my health and my earning capacity on my terms which in a democracy should be a fundamental right for every citizen. "

Anonymous - Transcription, independent contractor

"The constant, unrelenting threat of additional overly prescriptive enforced regulatory controls are significant deterrents for small business operators to remain in the construction industry. Many multigenerational family businesses with succession plans in place are forced to abandon legacy progression transitions as the cost (or loss) to run a small business is no longer viable or sustainable due to the onus of increased compliance mandates imposed on proprietors. If there is no incentive to run a business the insolventancy rates will escalate, doors will close and employers, and their employees will be out of work. At a time when it is crucial to support and retain our highly valued experienced small business tradespeople the proposed IR Reforms will further deplete our current and future work force putting increased pressure on project affordability. "

Anonymous - Domestic Building Industry

"We strongly object to these new industrial relations changes. We use independent support workers through the Mable platform to support our son to live in his own home the way HE wants to live and with the people HE wishes to live with and be supported by. We are able to find support workers with specific skills/interests in the same areas my son is pursuing his goals, people who are also passionate about his interests and hobbies. This is not something we have ever been able to do using traditional agency supports. Rates and hours are negotiated with individual support workers and every single one of them is earning well above the SCHADS award rate for a disability support worker (on average our support team are on $55 per hour). We and our suppot team have the capability to successfully manage these arrangements. We all have CHOICE AND CONTROL. Please leave it alone! "


"It's hard enough already to stay a float as a business, this will deter any new business forming as well as any new businesses coming to Victoria, I personally have had enough and feel like closing my 12yr old business down with multiple employees "

Anonymous - Concrete construction

"Proposed laws will be a disaster for small business. Being told via union biased legislation goes against freedom of speech and choice. This must be stopped."

Anonymous - Construction

"I began this career path as a result of not being able to secure a job. Being a middle age woman, who had spent most of her life raising kids and helping run my husbands business it became evident that finding employment was going to be difficult at my age. With many years experience in raising kids and volunterring in the community sector, where I both helped young people as well as senior citizens, I wanted to find work in this sector as I love helping people. I was told about a platform for independant workers called "Mable" . The platform allowed me to find work and connected me with people that require assitance. It has been a win-win for both parties. I now manage 5 clients and have grown very fond of each person I support. Over the period of time I have been working it has become very evident that the flexibility, freedom of choice, and independence is treasured by both my clients and myself. I certainly do not want to be controlled by Unions. I'm tired of governement rushing in with no consultation and making decisions on behalf of the independant support working community they know nothing about. This will affect the amount of people offering support in an already stretched workforce. "

Alexandra Briffa - NDIS Independant Support Worker - Alexandra Briffa

"I rely on independent contractors to support my disabled son. I negotiate his care directly with my support provider and we come to a mutually beneficial support arrangement that we are both happy with. This has meant that this relationship has been ongoing for a number of years. From what I understand, independent contractors are not asking for the govt and unions to get involved in these contracts with their clients, and I am definitely not. I want choice and control over the supports I engage for my son."

Anonymous - Carer

"I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne March 2020 during the big lockdown. I was working as a labourer at the time and promised work. However, covid meant no contract and I was basically jobless in a pandemic. It was a frightening time for everyone but still I had no way to provide. I was not entitled to any social payments because of my working holiday visa. I had a degree in Applied Social Studies and over 6 years experience working in disability care. I would be very employable in that industry but I could not get a job during the pandemic. I spent 3 months trying to get employment but know one was willing to hire me. By chance I stumbled upon a job platform for independent workers in my field of work called “Mable”. The platform allowed me to find and work with participants in need of care. I now have a number of clients who I’ve worked with for worked with for over 2 years now. We collectively enjoy our independence and freedom of choice. If I hadn’t have gone down the road of independent workers I most certainly would of had to go back to Ireland I wouldn’t have achieved my permanent residency and I wouldn’t be working in a job at which I love. I’ve worked as an employee nearly all my working life and you are just a number to be controlled. The government just wants bureaucracy and forgetting about a major human right which is freedom of choice. As an employee the result is never client focused but how much profit the organisation can make. The needs of both the employee and participant have to fit the business model which ultimately means the participants needs are not met no matter how much they paint the picture it is. If overcoming a major pandemic wasn’t hard enough imagine the stress this is having on participants who feel liberated in receiving adequate person centred care by independent workers. "

Anonymous - Disability Support Worker

"If these changes come in l will be unable to support my customers "

David Ducker - Disability support - Dream big disability support service

"I decided to take this path in my career when my child started school so I could work hours that would allow me to work school hours and have more flexibility. I find I don't have to rush with my clients because we have agreed on sufficient time and not sticking to an unrealistic time limit that a lot of providers would give. I feel my clients are a lot happier because we have personalized their care plan and they know they are getting regular, continuous support from myself. I have found the Mable platform I work through very helpful and they offer an array of training and set their own minimum standards to make things fair for all parties. I feel by changing this system that is working so well for both client and support worker, its going to leave a lot of older Australians not getting the care they need. They deserve to be able to stay in their home and with family for as long as possible and receive the care they deserve. "

Anonymous - Support worker in Age Care

"Clearly the people making these decisions do not have loved ones needing care at home. These changes take away basic human right freedoms to choose who provides the care and how often. Mable gives me the flexibility to work 5 hours a week, across 3 days, which is all I can manage with my family commitments. I would rather be helping someone who needs care in short 1.5 hour shifts, a few days a week, than not at all. If minimum hours and/or minimum shifts are imposed on us then I won't be able to work. This means more unemployment and more elderly people in our communities facing isolation and depression as they can't choose their own carer through independent online platform like Mable. The Aged Care system is already broken, and these changes do nothing to improve care levels, in fact this will actually force people out of their homes and into aged care facilities faster as they won't be able to have their chosen carer for just 1.5 hours a day for 3 days. This proposed change seem to be weighted in favour of the many, many care agencies that are already charging top dollar and often paying their workers minimum wage. Very unfair in my opinion and it will definitely force me into unemployment."

Sharyn - Aged Care - Independent Mable Support Worker

"I am a mother and an educator, sending the next generation of skilled tradespeople and professionals into the workforce to support and grow this country. If over regulation of industry is allowed to continue, the next generation will not have the skills, workforce, infrastructure and strong communities that have made this country what it is today. Our government needs to stop policing us and go back to the business of supporting our communities as they were elected to do, and allowing us to support and provide for ourselves like the generations before us"


"I have been in Disability support or related industries for some 30 years. I have always done fairly physically demanding work of some sort. As a result I have injuries that limit the type of work I can do, excluding me from the type of work I have done all my life. Using the "Mable" platform, I am able to find support work that I can do despite my injuries. This not only keeps me off government support payments but also pays for basic private health insurance that has enabled me to have joint replacement surgeries that don't just reduce pain but allow me to both continue working for myself and, potentially, increase the range of work I am able to do, enabling me to support my Wife and myself for longer. This is also allowing me to care for my Wife, who is suffering from developing dementia, thereby keeping HER out of the aged care system for longer. While I fully understand that some of the "Gig Economy" businesses just make money off others taking risk, Mable provides all sorts of training programs and supports their contractors brilliantly. These reforms, if applied to this industry, would discourage workers from taking part and make service providers like Mable unworkable. This is a poorly thought out idea and the real impact needs to be properly considered."

Anonymous - Disability Support

"I chose to move away from working as an employee under organisations due to the increasing lack of client focus. Government have placed so many compliance issues on organisations now it has made the system far to restrictive, inflexible and increasingly costly to participants. Participants are also unhappy with the quality of service and support they are getting under organisational care and are also choosing to approach independent workers and platforms to try and find the right support workers for them. I can cater my support structure to fit a clients needs and the client still ends up paying far less than they would under an organisation or employee basedf worker. These ideas being talked about are causing major stress to participants who are very happy with the support they are getting via independent platforms and workers. Often these are participants who have been through one organisation after another only to be sorely disapointed. They finally find a system they can work comfortably with in having control of who they work with and being able to manage their own support structure and our esteemed government seems intent on destroying the very fabric it is based on. We as independent workers have no interest in fair work practices ? why would we ? we work for ourselves. The government have no right in my eyes to force us to become some "hybrid" between an independent worker or an employee. If this were to happen I would pull away from support work entirely because I just could not go back to working like or as an employee and having no flexibility to actualy support and help my participants. This is a good system, a fairer more economical system and better for participants and workers alike. LEAVE US IN PEACE "

Jamie Dennis Harris - Support Worker disability - 76783525117

"These changes will not work for people in our industry, contracting should not be affected by unions"

Anonymous - Carer

"I am Carer/Daughter to my parents who have been lucky to return to their family home of over 55 years' after being in an Aged Care Facility for several months whilst recovering from various ailments. My parents are thankful on a daily basis (they tell me so) that they are back in their home environment and are supported by individual contractors who decide to do this type of work generally as an addition to their full time jobs and on the basis of serving and contributing to the community. My parents would not be able to benefit from this type of care if there was not absolute freedom to engage these caring contractors on the basis required by my parents and within budget limitations, without restriction or enforcement by the government. It is a symbiotic relationship that needs to be protected. The new laws, if introduced, will destroy this. My parents homecare can only function because they are able to engage contractors on an agreed basis that works for both parties without restriction or mandatory rules placed around this agreement. My parents would not be able to benefit from living in their own home otherwise. They would be forced to have to live in an Aged Care Facility which defeats the purpose of the government setting up funding for Home Care Packages, in the first place."

Irene Robinson - Aged Care/Self Managed Homecare Package

"These changes could negatively affect the aging population by limiting their options to receive care and potentially isolating them from the community. This model through Mable provides flexibility and independence, allowing them to choose when and how they receive care at home. You will force them in a sector that is over stretched and in desperate need of its own overhaul. Stay away from the job I love and the value all carers provide to their communities "

Nikie - Aged Care

"I finally found my calling and am very good at what I do (support work), have worked in a facility where I was not happy with how support was given. Run off my feet and little time given to those I was meant to be caring for. I found Mable and have been super proud and happy that I can give the Aged the time and assistance they are looking for. This change you are talking about means the clients will no longer be able to choose who comes into their homes, to me you are acting against the Aged Care standards, where they are the ones who are meant to be able to choose how, when, where and who will provide the care they need. If this comes into affect I will leave the industry as I don't believe you are putting the rights of others first, it seems as if you are pouring the little funding people get into bigger organisations. "


"I work part time as support worker to support my family. Used to be a div 1 nurse but got breast cancer and the chemotherapy has disabled me in some ways . I also care for my husband who has bone and prostate cancer which is terminal so I need to be able to work my own hours and days to be able to work. I am now 58 and was told if I worked the next two years when I turn 60 I can get a pension through my super fund. I have worked in aged care for over thirty years and the elderly need support workers for them to be able to stay in their homes for as long as they have support. The population is ageing and needs support workers so please don't destroy the industry by what you plan to do."

Catherine Susan Reynolds - Support worker

"No longer deemed 'employable' at my age (late 60's), I started working as an independent contractor with Mable around February of 2022, having worked within several regional Aged Care Facilities for several years and caring for my elderly mother for 8. I provide good quality care to my Clients and intend to do so for a number of years but I will not have some damn shiny arsed bureaucrat sitting in his/hers ivory tower dictate to me on how I run my own business and furthermore, there is no way I will cede to a Union! If this bullshit legislation goes through, our vulnerable Clients will suffer the most through (possibly) diminished services! These people who make these 'laws' have no idea what it is like in the real world!"

Barbara Taylor - Disability/Aged Care Sector - BT Care Services

"I do not understand why the government cannot leave well enough alone. There are people who use these platforms because it gives both the carer and the client the option to choose. The stories I hear from others regarding fees is ludicrous to say the least. If these changes come into play it will only have a negative effect on all involved and as I understand these is already a shortage of providers and this will definitely have supporters leave in droves making the shortage even worse. JUST STOP TRYING TO FIX THINGS THAT ARE NOT BROKEN "

Anonymous - Care Worker

"I am 66 years old and I was retired so I thought I could help the elderly live at home instead of going into aged care facility. So I started working with the aged so that I could help out because there was a lack of staff. If this government brings in these new rules I will finish up my work and go onto centrelink payments. I cannot believe the labor government would implement these restrictions. This is just an excuse so that the unions can control businesses and have more people made to join unions. I am disgusted by this. Ken Pilgrim"

Ken Pilgrim - Aged Home Care support - K

"I like to hire my homecare workers from the Mable platform. This will prevent me choosing who I want, and many contractors will go out of business, because I don’t want to be attached to age care providers under Draconian compliance restrictions. This is not about caring for us. It’s about compliance."

Nia - Home care - Serenity

"I strongly object to any changes that the government is trying to force on community independent care workers like myself to be forced to sign a work place agreement and my right as a self employed worker and choices are diminished, I left aged care work to go into my own business to give me more diversity, choice, working hours and satisfying care for my clients and myself, I have worked in aged care for over 30 years and felt my experience and expertise was not valued, my clients love what I offer them and are very grateful which give me job satisfaction "

Isabelle Baker - Community care worker - Sole trader care worker

"I have returned to support work to allow me to fit work into my time taken to caring for my mother so I set my routine to suit my mother's and my needs if this were to change I would then have to stop work so be available for taking care of my mother's needs. At the moment I am able to do both as I can manage my schedule to suit this is why I went away from being an employee. I feel I give a lot to the client/s I have and because we can work together to make the support personalized at a cost that is agreed to by both parties it is fairer system for both parties. They would paying a lot higher fee for an agency and not always happy with the support worker they are assigned. As you are your own boss you are responsible for everything therefore you and your client knows exactly what is happening and can discuss need changes on a daily basis instead of having to go through all the office crap, sometimes at the most you may have to talk to a Care manager or family member but at the end of the day you feel as you are the one responsible not just a middleman. By interfering and changing this system it will only lead to destroying a system that works and will result in a lot of people missing out on the care that they need."

Anonymous - Aged Care Support Worker / Carer

"This is by far the most disgusting proposal from the government I have ever heard of. Most support workers have left the Age care or disability organisations to keep their sanity, I personally have suffered 25 years of watching the industry collapse. I have finally found work that keeps me sane and is of benefit to the clients and will be forced to receive government benefits if these changes go ahead. Why would this government make the vulnerable suffer more with no choice, less hours of care, reduced quality of care with no choice???? Why would you pay nurses more, only to take more money from them???? Why would they force out even more good quality nurses and support workers out of the industry???? I feel sick to my stomach that we are now talking about forcing another demographic of Australians onto the streets with bad decisions. I will be making my voice heard on this on every platform I can find. This government will be taking away the rights of clients and workers should this go ahead, with huge amounts of job loss. Not exactly Australian thinking in my opinion!"

Sarah Collins - Nurse and support worker - Mable

"How ridiculous you pen pushing Govt. morons... You don't work in this sector !!! All you are going to do if you impose these stupid new laws is destroy people's jobs, don't you idiots get it !!!!! "

Anonymous - Individual Support Worker

"I left a sales career and moved into support work to make a difference in people's lives. As an independent support worker, I'm currently able to assist and support my clients in the manner they prefer, at a lower cost than agencies. The agencies charge clients/participants the maximum rates allowed, and pay employees the minimum rates allowed, all in the name of profit. As a contractor in the sector, I'm able to give my clients "

Anonymous - Disability, Aged Care, Mental Health Support

"The Mable platform is great because the client deals directly with the support worker which is what my clients really like also. Keep it simple. I don't think I would do this work through an agency as I like the flexibility of being my own boss."

Brett Smith - Aged care support services

"Where I provide support and services to a myriad of clients across Aged Care, Disability and Mental Health, I wouldn't consider employee like reforms to be beneficial to me and/or clients. I left the public service after 20 years and moved into healthcare to try and make a difference in the lives of others - without limitations and restrictions. As an independent contractor, I set the hours of providing support. I also am well aware of fatigue management. Hence, when my body is fatigued, I take a break without negatively impacting my clients. I work with numerous Independent Contractors and am yet to encounter one that is fatigued. Simply put, we know our business and we now our bodies. Introducing employee like reforms will simply limit our ability to provide support to our clients. Placing limitations and/or restrictions on us will only hinder the deserved support required by those who need it. Let's not place restrictions and limitations of the lives of the vulnerable. Shayleen Fuad Chief Executive Officer Prestige Independent Living Services"

Shayleen Hendrina Fuad - Healthcare - Prestige Independent Living Services

"I am very concerned and worried about how the new proposals will impact me"


"I have a great relationship with my clients that chose me. It works for the mutual benefit of both parties and I am more than capable of negotiating my own terms. There is more than enough fees being taken from aged care funding. Stop adding to the cost and stop trying to fix some thing that’s not broken. "

Anonymous - Nursing

"NDIS was set up to give real choice to clients to choose the right worker for their need , not for who an organization wants to promote often for their own purposes rather than the clients needs. If a support worker needs to be propped up by the government here they were probably- Not fit for the purpose in the first place and this is just life telling them they don't meet the minimum standard to run their own business. What I like about Mable is the harder I work the more successful I have become unlike my previous experience working for an organization."

Ian Donald - Disability Support worker - Mable

"It will destroy my business as I lost my Wife to cancer in 2019 and are raising my 4 children,I need the flexibility too work around school and kids sports and appointments. I have built up a good client base and we work around each other's routines. I am happy paying my superannuation and tax I have no need for unions and like the freedom to choose. "

Anonymous - Support worker

"We deserve the right to work independently. Not to be tied to a union and be dictated to. The ones who will suffer the most are the people we support and us support workers. We do this work to have the flexibility for our own family times and our clients who love us. This is the whole idea of being independant to have a good work life balance. The government doesnt have the right to control everything. "

Annabel Stal - Disability and Aged Care Support Worker

"I do not choose to change the industry laws, it is creating unneccessary costs and consuming time that is better spent in more useful ways . "

Tamara Phillips - Aged And community care - Tamara Phillips

"I should be able to work as a independent worker "

Giuseppa Logozzo - Mable - Giuseppa Logozzo

"Yes l will struggle to pay the bills, mortgage repayments and we as a family will be living on the streets "


"I left a 6 year Allied Health job to start my own independent support business 10 months ago because I believed I could provide better quality care as an Independent support worker at a much better price to the client. And I have been. Very happily for the past 10 months. My client base had grown I'm the happiest I've ever been and my clients are loving receiving better care than they were getting with the corporates, for far far less money. These proposed changes threaten my business sustainability and are worrying. Should they pass, I will likely be forced back into the standard workforce to extremely poor conditions and pay within the corporate Aged and Disability sector. If they want to reform the industry, I suggest they start with the large corporate nursing homes where the staff are paid badly, are expected to routinely do huge amounts of unpaid overtime and are treated like absolute rubbish. 5 months in a large well known nursing home chain almost broke me. Those areas are the ones that need heavy heavy scrutiny, not those of us who are providing quality care at a substantially reduced cost. "

Anonymous - Aged and Disability Care

"I left an aged care provider because they didn't listen to me or their clients. They put themselves first and the clients and myself last. I will never work for a company again and this regulation is heading in that direction. I pay my own super, tax and make allowances for holiday leave without their help. I say no thanks"

Helen FINN - Professional

"I relocated from regional country town Dubbo NSW to Melbourne VIC in 2019, not lucky to get any job so I start driving rideshare. After covid when business closed and people working from home rideshare work do not pay my bills, I register myself with Mable to start my business as independent support worker provide Transportation to disability and old age. but all these Industrial changes are negatively impact my living. Any law reforms always bring better changes in the life for their citizens and for the country. By taking away the choices what is best suited for them do not give any positive impact, it may caused difficulies for us as a career and clients as well."

Muhammad Khan

"I live in a rural.area , the ability to complete an 8 hr shift on top of my drive to the customers home is what keeps me competitive and able to utilise my skills as an independent contractor . "

Ashley Duffin - Health care - dragon fruit farm

"I am concerned about Unions having a say in how I run my business. I should be allowed to run my business without government interference. I provide an excellent service to my clients. I do not want to be an employee, as I found when I worked for a Disability company, they have no real care for clients, its all about the money. I care about my clients and provide a vital service to them and they are happy because they can choose who cares for them. The government, are elected by the people, you are public servants. Listen to we the people, we do not need you to interfere in how independent business people run there business. This legislation should never be passed."

Marianne Bracher - Disability and Aged Care - Marianne Bracher support worker

"It will do to Person who need care as well as carer"


"My sister is being taken care of by A private carer and a Mable Carer. Until we found the right people it was difficult. Choice is what works for people that require care"


"These IR changes by the Albanese Labor Government will be disastrous. They are a gross overreach and go beyond good civil governance and the rights of individuals to freely enter into and maintain their own contractual relationships in accordance with their own personal work choices. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be a member of a union nor do I want the Government interfering in my personal working contracting rights or arrangements "

William Pitt - Care Giver and Consultant - Mentor LBM

"Yes it will change and it will impact on my skill to develop and I won’t be able make living "

Kishor - support worker

"I was an in-home care worker for a major company working 5 to 8 shifts, which suited me fine..... Until I underwent treatment for cancer in 2020. After chemo and radiation therapy I was eager to return to work, however suffered from ongoing issues with fatigue. I chose to become an independent contractor so that I could choose to work the hours that suit ME and MY health. I do many short shifts (2/3 hours), sometimes 2 or 3 a day, because it's what my body can handle. Being forced to work minimum weekly hours or shift lengths would defeat the purpose of being an independent worker. "

Anonymous - Aged Care

"I currently work in a permanent position as a Teacher Aide which gives me the ability to work 30 hours per week. I use the Mable platform as it offers flexibility to fit around school hours. The support work that I carry out and enjoy boosts my income. "

Anonymous - Education /Support Worker

"My clients hours arenot always a nine to Five. We start early and start lste in the afternoon. Often travelling to regional Victoria, for specialist appointments. These hours are often twelve hour days, my clients expect flexibility in times and activities, and will affect the care I give. I have had my bussiness for thirty years and worked hard to achieve good quality work and support. Both myself and my clients enjoy the freedom of choice and the opportunity and assistance Mable offers. I don’t approve of the changes."

Deirdre Hoffs - Social and domestic support worker - Deirdre Hoffs Cleaning

"Sure the changes will negatively impacts me as I like flexibility and also higher earning. "

Reza - NDIS - Reza

"these changes will make it more difficult for me and my clients with higher costs to both of us. The Mable platform has allowed me to be in control of the hours I choose to work. I would be very disappointed if restrictions were place on my work in any way."

Julie - Independent Aged Care and support worker

"It is a complete over reach of government. "

Richard - Mechanical - MPM

"Government needs to engage with builders so they understand unintended consequences, including higher housing prices/inflation this anti contractor legislation is likely to cause. Building industry has been contracting since its inception. Also small business constitutes the largest part of tax paying private enterprise. Why would you put these people out of business, taking away their freedom and make them work for one boss. This will also further concentrate wealth to the few in favor of more egalitarian wealth distribution. Please think again about unintended consequences including giving your opposition a free kick and future nullification of such unfair legislation. "

Peter Harnischmacher - Building - Capital Building

"This is terrible , are we following Putins Russia !! We have been in business for 25 years and never have we seen such interference in our way of business life . This push from the left of politics is from people who have NEVER owned or operate a small business , and these muppets want to dictate to us !!"

Bob Stone - Plumbing Drainage Gasfitting and Roofing

"Should the ability to contract and hire contractors be limited or abolished , the construction industry would not function without excessive costs. There is a simple fix for allowing sole traders. Just allow them to get workers comp insurance like a company would. It seams that the government has linked all of the relevant entities (ATO, Workers Comp, Licensing and ICARE so why would it be that difficult to police the legal requirements. Call me any time to discuss."

Gene Phillips - Construction - Geneville Constructions

"The alternative to using Self Employed Carers using Mable for the elderly to find an at home Carer is to use an Aged Care Agency. This is not what they and their families want and before you make decisions to the contrary you should speak with people who are involved. The core to the success of platforms like Mable and Hireup is the exhortation of fees. So many of my clients have tried both and via Mable they have saved hundreds of dollars per month. This money has instead been put into more care which is more care hours for me. What are they afraid of? I’m not sure."

Sally Bramham - Companionship Care Social Worker - Sally Bramham

"I have started my own Business as an Independent Support Worker . I provide Quality Support work for people with a wide range of Disabilities . I provide individual Quality Support that gives my client there choice of how they would like to be supported and give them the opportunity in making there own choices of Support worker that they can relate to and get along with which in turn helps them with there recovery journey and life journey so they can live there best life . By taking away they choices of who will be best suited to them as a support worker can really delay there best outcome of there life Journey. I have heard feed back from clients that have used Support workers from large Caring Agencies that the support workers are providing a service on time restraints and not give the clients the best possible care or support . and in some cases the support workers didn't speak English very well. But yes they are cheap workers which give Carers and support workers a bad name or who spend there time playing on the phone whilst out with a non verbal client in a wheel chair. I'm sure we have all seen those types of support workers out in the community with clients. The new reforms are a step backwards in the quality of care as you get what you pay in any type of industry. Cheapening the Disability support workers wages will give clients low quality workers. Higher paid Support workers give 100% Quality service and give Clients individual support to what the clients need and gives people with disabilities better life out comes to try and achieve and reach there best life. "

Anonymous - Independent Support Worker

"Not only will this cause difficulties for myself this will also cause difficulty for clients"

Maria - Independant home and community support worker

"I have a very healthy working relationship withe companies I work for, this proposal would certainly create an issue for both myself and companies "

Mark Williams - Security - Classic loss prevention Services

"In the 70s my dad built a double brick house on his own. He went to the council, got a permit and got it done. It still stands and is worth over a million dollars. In the 2010 he tried it again but got crushed by a red tape nightmare, and planning cost blowouts with every kind of assessor and authority taking their chunk out. Why would anyone build anything in this country with the way things are?"

Anonymous - Mum and dad developers

"The Building sector is suffering at the moment due to the lack of communication, we are asking the government to communicate their future plans to people to provide us with a sense of confidence that has been lacking in the recent years. "

Saifan - S

"Council need to stop over emphasising on small/minor things and stamp those structurally safe plans! "


"Our enquire level is very small it has come to a standstill waiting months for jobs to come out of council . One job last week will take minimum of 8 months in town planning (why?) We have work in council but so many holdups"

Julie carroll - Jj carroll buildrers

"The NSW Building Portal has increased DA/CC costs, is a slow "

Colin Jewell - Jewell Builders Pty Ltd

"So many hoops to jump through when building. Too many fees, charges and taxes have pushed up the price to build a new home. We need to cut red tape to cut costs and speed up the process before we have tent cities across the nation. "


"To complete the house we need builders not accountants!"

Naresh Malhotra - Marigold

"It shouldn't take as long as it does to build a home! We need to speed it up."


"We need more affordable housing."


Master Builders has released its priorities on Delivering the housing needs for all Australians which outlines the key housing policy areas that need to be addressed by all levels of Government in order to achieve sustainable and affordable housing outcomes.

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