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The Federal Government has passed new workplace laws known as the Closing Loopholes Bill. There are a range of changes impacting every business and worker including:

  • Big changes to casual workers
  • New ‘employee-like’ category of employment impacting independent contractors who use digital platforms
  • A new definition of employment
  • A new ‘right to disconnect’ provision
  • More rights for unions and changes to entry powers
  • New fines and penalties for employers
  • Same job, same pay provisions for people who use labour hire or subcontractors
  • Criminalisation of wage theft

Overall, the business community is disappointed with these new laws which ultimately hurts productivity, increases uncertainty and legal risk, and drives up costs for businesses and consumers. 

But there’s been a win for some independent contractors thanks to this campaign. 

These changes grant independent contractors, who meet a specific income threshold, the option to opt out of transitioning to employee status. This development is a significant win, as it ensures that independent contractors can continue to operate without undue constraints, particularly amidst the current housing crisis.

On behalf of the team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of Australians who signed a petition, emailed/called/visited their local member of parliament, participated in media interviews, or spread the word with their networks.

Together, we have demonstrated the power of collective action in safeguarding the rights and interests of independent contractors.

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