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Talking Solar with Alistair Sproul from the University of New South Wales and Rohan Forrest of Carter Grange


This episode of The Master Builders Podcast is called “Solar Power” and co-hosts Max Rafferty and Robert Shaw talk about harnessing the power of the sun to the benefit of builders. Featured today are two interviews with experts on the subject, Alistair Sproul of the University of New South Wales and Rohan Forrest of Carter Grange.

Alistair explains the systems and hardware of solar power and how people can utilise it for both business and home use. On the other hand, Rohan talks about designing and installing solar power for their clients. He also talks about the reasons clients actually switch to solar and shares some tips for prospective builders of the technology.



04:38 Introduction to Alistair and defining solar energy

08:16 Traditional solar power and battery technology

16:22 Role of the inverter and effects of shading

24:03 Introduction to Rohan and Carter Grange

29:36 What drives clients to take up solar

33:56 3 tips for builders of solar

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