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Energy and Sustainability

As the climate changes, buildings and infrastructure need to be more tolerant to weather extremes.

The building and infrastructure sectors must adapt to climate change and transition to renewable energy. This will involve new construction methods, improvements in services performance, and a transformation of the supply chain to net-zero.

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What are the challenges?

Changes to requirements for new buildings are generally brought about through regulatory interventions some of which are substantial for the industry and will require reasonable transition timeframes and clear information and education resources.

The industry must prepare for regulatory interventions and invest in ongoing training and education to keep up with software solutions and advancements. While this presents challenges, it also offers opportunities for workers to develop specialized skills and for new businesses and occupations to emerge.

How do we fix them?

  • Ensure the workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to meet current and emerging needs, the capacity to adapt to change, and the inclination to upskill and continually learn.
  • Training products to be updated more regularly and to be packaged in more flexible ways.
  • Whole of sector research and analysis is needed to understand future workforce needs including growth and attrition, emerging occupations, and skills requirements.