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Covid-19 business support: Mental Health


During this time of uncertainty and change it’s natural to feel a range of emotions, such as stress, worry, or anxiety. Many of you will be dealing with huge business related stress and anxiety right now and this may be flowing through to your staff and families.  

In this blog post we will look at what mental health support is available. We also commend the Federal Government for its $1.1 billion boost to mental health services, domestic violence support and Medicare for people at home and emergency food relief. The Government is also investing more in the 

Tips to manage your stress during COVID-19 

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. This could include getting enough sleep, taking it easy on the booze, eating healthy meals and getting plenty of exercise. 
  • Stay informed. There’s a lot of information circulating and it’s changing frequently. Make sure the information you’re paying attention is from a reliable source rather than hearsay. Reliable sources of information include Master Builders Associations and websites with a address. 
  • Be positive. This is a difficult situation, but it will pass. Keep in touch with family and friends. Be aware of negative thoughts, park thoughts that you can’t control and reframe those you can. 
  • Access support. You don’t have to go through this alone. Let family and friends know what you’re thinking, access digital resources and speak to a professional. 

Tips to help your workers 

  • Check in regularly. Ask how they’re going and if there’s anything stressing them. Be responsive to their needs and suggestions. 
  • Establish clear processes. For example, make sure your workers know about site hygiene and social distancing, how to report issues, and what to do if they can’t make it to work. 
  • Stay informed. Help your workers to be informed by sharing the (reliably sourced) information you’re getting. 
  • Know about entitlements. Let your workers know about their entitlements and what to do if they are unable or unfit to work or have caring responsibilities. 
  • Support those at risk. If you have workers that are at a heightened risk of COVID or may struggle with mental health proactively engage and support them.  
  • Refer workersThere are support services available for those who need it. For example, your workplace may have an employee assistance program or you could assist a worker to reach out to one of the below organisations.  

Help is available 

Talk to these services that provide support mental health and wellbeing specially for our industry: 

You can access free information and support through existing mental health services, including: 


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