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Builders support sensible improvement to building regulation


Master Builders Australia has announced its response to calls to ban the importation of potentially hazardous aluminium cladding.

CEO Denita Wawn said Master Builders does not support such a ban on Polyethylene (PE) core aluminium composite panels. “These products have a range of uses and manufactured in Australia as well as overseas. Banning products has wide-ranging consequences and is not needed when other solutions are already in place to ensure the quality and safety of our built environment.”

“What’s needed is effective enforcement of the law because the National Construction Code (NCC) already requires external walls to be non-combustible and to not contribute to the spread of fire.  Changes proposed for the National Construction Code introduce a new verification method for testing of external wall assemblies and strengthen the existing law,” Denita Wawn said.

Master Builders’ policy for improving the system is:

  • Amendments to the National Construction Code introducing a new verification method for testing external walls that strengthens existing laws.
  • Better enforcement and compliance to make sure the law is being applied in the industry.
  • More supply chain accountability so all parties in the building process are accountable to the law.
  • Developing a centralised certification and registration system to make it easier for industry compliance.
  • Freely available Australian Standards should embedded in the NCC so you don’t have to pay for the rules and to reduce barriers to compliance.

“Building Ministers are actively pursuing reforms in these areas through proposed changes to the NCC, the work of the expert panel considering compliance and enforcement and through changes proposed in state and territory legislation, for example around more supply chain accountability,” she said.

“Labor’s plan for improving fire safety in buildings deserves to be taken seriously. Master Builders backs the introduction of a national licencing scheme and will carefully consider the other elements of Labor’s plan in conjunction with the work of the expert panel set by the Building Minister’s Forum on compliance and enforcement,” Denita Wawn said.

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